An explosion on an oil rig in Cyprus today left four dead and injured over 30 others. 4 people have died in a rig site right here in Cyprus. This job site is being operated by Edward Nowak (American) who is the President/CEO of Bjwaak Group. The contract which is worth over $29 million involves the remediation of oil spillage.
Among those killed was a contractor for Bjwaak Group, Michalis Panayiotis. Employees who escaped told the Associated Press some people were forced to jump into the waters to escape the blaze from the massive explosion, it was a horrible site.
The blast, which occurred at 0300 GMT on Friday (04-20-2018) “There was nothing you could do but run,” Andreas Giorgos, an employee of Bjwaak Group told the AP. Currently, fleets of helicopters ferried workers from the oil rig to the town, according to the AP. It is unclear how much fuel/oil might have leaked into the sea as a result of the incident.
CyprusNews247 has been trying to reach Edward Nowak through his official channels for his comments but all attempts have been unsuccessful. Also, the site supervisor has declined to speak to our reporters but the district police chief informed us that investigation has began.