The first of three large-scale exercises planned by the fire service in the framework of fire safety week, took place in Larnaca on Wednesday morning.
The scenario provided for a fire in the fuel sector on the Larnaca – Dhekelia road. The fire was caused, according to the scenario, during work on an oil tank, spilling fuel.

Markos Trangolas, for the fire department said the aim was to contain the fire while simultaneously cooling adjacent fuel storage tanks so the blaze would not spread.

Trangolas expressed his satisfaction at the readiness level of the personnel involved in the exercise, as well as the firefighting equipment used.

“These oil and gas installations in Larnaca are inspected twice a year in terms of fire protection,” he said.

Fire safety week runs until April 22.  Two more exercises are planned, one in an industrial area of Limassol and one in the forest area of Paphos.

According to Tragolas, in October, the fire service is planning a large exercise at the VTTV fuel facilities in Vasiliko.